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  Inspiration, fresh squeezed daily: We are a multifaceted creative agency, offering creative services and production. Juice lives where vivid media, exuberant presentation and a nimble-yet-mighty approach to marketing ignite.

Dazzle ’till the last drop

Around here, brilliance is more than a pretty word: We impart that elusive, dazzling sheen to every client we touch, from luxury lifestyle brands to boutique passion projects. Together, we’ll charm audiences and captivate consumers with our uniquely tailored, media-rich marketing programs fresh squeezed daily.


Our impeccably-curated creative team has its finger on the pulse of what’s working now. Cutting edge marketing strategy, exceptional artistry and unparalleled industry prowess work in synergy to drive your brand onward and upward in an evolving technological world. Juice marries luxurious photo, striking film, and powerful web design with necessary print materials, stunning Eblasts and multifaceted social media packages. You keep doing what you do best. We’ll shine the spotlight on every platform, every step of the way.


A fast—and fastidious—approach to every project means answers are always at your fingertips. Lean, mean and streamlined, Juice is not your old mad man’s marketing company. We’ve forgone the shackles of clumsy, corporate enterprises for a reimagined, inspired approach to advertising. Welcome to a smarter, mightier way to market.


Dina Mande Photography Portfolio

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London – The Mill

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The Winemaker’s Filmmaker

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I just wanted to send a few compliments your way. It seems like every week I'm getting a phone call from a wine club manager asking who designed our website! You did an amazing job with the design and photography! Thank you for your hard work!

- Chelsea O'Grady | WWW.BOOKERWINES.COM | Paso Robles -

“I have worked with Dina on many projects and truly admire her willingness to work with local organizations, businesses and non-profits in a manner that fits with each budget while still delivering the highest level of quality possible and producing a product (video or still photography) that expresses any given mission or idea in a unique, often stunning, way.”

- Shonna Howenstine, Tourism Coordinator, City of Paso Robles Marketing Director, PASO ARTSFEST -

“Simply put, Dina Mande is one of the most creative, thoughtful and original filmmakers I have ever worked with across any industry.  She has a unique gift for incorporating your vision as a client while ensuring you will always have a product that she also stands by artistically.  In addition to her creative merits, one of the things I most appreciate about Dina and her team is the composure and flexibility with which they approach challenging assignments.”

- Ian Leggat, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Silver Oak Cellars & Twomey Cellars -

“I know I speak for the Lohr family... in communicating that Dina and Juice bring nothing short of their ‘A’ game to every project. We have benefited in more ways than can be expressed from Juice’s efforts, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Juice.”

- Cynthia Lohr, VP Marketing and Co-Owner, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines -

“Working with Dina Mande was an absolute pleasure. Deluxe works with the most influential and credited filmmakers and artists in the industry. Our project came with high expecations and a very demanding timeframe. Dina quickly fit in with our team and our way of operating and conducted herself with the utmost professionalism while delivering truly inspired creativity."

- Danielle Martin, Vice President, Enterprise Marketing & Business Development -

Each job presents a different challenge for our team of trusted professionals, each bringing creativity, expertise, and passion to every project.

Dina Mande

Creative Director

Dina boasts more than 15 years of experience in the LA entertainment industry. She leads the cutting-edge Juice team of to unparalleled design prowess and the strategic innovation needed to forge strong, lasting brands.

Chelsea Schmitz

Head of Production

Chelsea has been with Juice since 2009, after attending Brooks College with a degree in Graphic Design. She excels at account management with Juice’s valuable clients.

Lindsay Masten

Art Director

Lindsay’s worked with businesses small and large alike bringing brands to life. From elegant packaging, to impactful digital design, she leaves no pixel unturned and no color swatch unidentified.

Hayley Thomas


Hayley Thomas (a.k.a Hayley Cain) is our resident expert in writing, editing, and print media. When she’s not writing a copy for Juice, you can find her playing banjo and guitar in a slew of local bands.

Aubrey Wynn

Production Manager

Aubrey keeps the Juice team powered with her film savvy, combined with marketing and strategy.

Alexis Arens

Production Assistant

With her passion for film, photography, and all things design, Alexis brings new energy and a detailed eye to our work at Juice.

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